finally we opened. After long and sometimes quite complex preparatory we opened.


Put on your goggles, hold onto the handles, tuck yourself in behind the hydrodynamic plastic body of the SeaBob, and gently thumb the accelerator sensor. The electric impeller jet motor pulls you forward gently at first, but ramp it up to full power and it belts you through the breakers at a speed of 15km/h. Hold on tight!

Take a deep breath and dip below the surface, powering downwards towads the ocean floor. Steer yourself by moving your bodyweight and using your legs like the tail of a fast fish, and experience the exhilaration of flying along the sand, dodging rocks, coral and startled fish as you go.

Let go of the handles and the SeaBob powers down and stops almost immediately so you don’t have to swim far to get it back. There’s really not that much more to it, it’s a simple and intuitive device that lets the user experience underwater speed in a very physical and engaging way.

A nifty LCD cockpit display shows you the engine power, remaining operating time, charge state, water temperature and a depth gauge. The machine comes with a factory setting that shuts the engine off below a depth of 2.5 metres – a handy safety feature that can be adjusted by the adventurous to a maximum depth of 40 metres. Clearly if you’re going to be zooming around at that sort of depth you need to think about scuba gear.

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