Seabob is for everyone

  • Seabob is very easy to use & operate.
  • With many safety features included.
  • Seabob is Safe for children and great fun for whole family.
  • Snorkeling with SEABOB is incredibly simple & easy
  • It´s natural. It´s intuitive.

No Pollution

  • 100 % emission free.
  • No Pollution & Zero Impact on Natural Environment!
  • Low noise levels by using the latest Seabob technology jet propulsion. All you will ever hear is stream of water passing by.

1. What is a Seabob

The Seabob is the most advanced underwater scooter which allows you moving both on and underwater.
You can easily maneuver above and below, snorkel or dive in & out of the water.

2. What we do?

Guided Seabob tours in our beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba

3. How long is the tour?

2h 15min – 2h30min. Clear time spend in the water using the Seabob & snorkel with the guide is 1h15min-1h30min.

4. How many people will be on the tour?

In our Seabob tours we take min. 1 client max 6 clients. like that we can keep our tour more personal. We like to give you best experience in almost private tour and

5. What is the minimum age?

The minimum age is 8 years old.

6. Can you take a larger group of people for your tour?

Yes, of course we can. For larger group please contact us via email

7. How easy/difficult it is to snorkel with seabob?

Snorkeling with SEABOB is incredible simple & easy. It´s natural. It´s intuitive. Everyone can learn it in 5 min.

8.What do we have to bring?

Just brings some towels with you and swimsuit. Everything else we provide you with.

10.What is the price of your tour?

$125 pp group booking of 3 and more

11. What is included in the price?

PRICE includes transport, wet suit, diving mask, and bottles of water.

12.Why snorkel or power snorkel with seabob is better?

To snorkel with Seabob you are able to cover much bigger area and see a lot sea life and have great fun at one time.
Yes, that’s right, it’s now actually possible to move through the water like a dolphin. Either snorkel on the surface or dive at depth.

And when it’s in its element, this fun-sport machine is also completely environmentally friendly.

13.Do you pick us up at our hotel?

Yes. The transportation is free.